About Jimga

Ganiyu JIMOH (Jimga) is an artist and an art lecturer with a PhD. in Visual Art from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. His research and practice focuses on contemporary art, new media, satire, and cartoons in relation to spatial negotiations, transnationalism, and cultural politics. His research have attracted significant awards including the prestigious University of Lagos Best Researcher Award in Arts and Humanities in 2011. He was a Research Associate from January 2018 to January 2020, and an NRF Postdoctoral Fellow in 2019 both at Rhodes University, South Africa. Ganiyu was also an African Studies Association (ASA) Presidential Fellow and the University of Edinburgh Catalyst Fellow both in 2019. As a scholarly writer who is also a practicing political cartoonist, Jimga (cartoon signature) has several local and international exhibitions to his credit and has served as the Secretary of Cartoonists Association of Nigeria (CARTAN). His political cartoons which could be accessed at www.jimgatoons.com have been exhibited in Nigeria, South Africa, Germany, Uganda, Ethiopia, Finland, Palestine, Ghana, the USA , the UK and Canada.

twitter: @jimgaconcept
Instagram: @jimgaconcept